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Wedding Portrait Portfolio

Enjoy.  If you like what you see, let me capture your most important day!

Affordable Wedding Photography

Shots by one of the top Nashville wedding photographers, Marty Copley

View a sample of my work below.

For a complete portfolio viewing, contact me to schedule an appointment.

Copley Photography view's wedding photography not only as documentation of precious moments, but as a reflection of the unique story written on your wedding day. Copley Photography takes extra care to be sure that all the characters of that story are captured, and all the details that make the story rich are represented in your body of images. 

We believe your wedding photos should be an extension of the artistic statement you and your spouse make on the day you take your vows

Miss Kentucky Nashville Wedding

The elegance of satin and lace, that soft glow of romance, the commitment of two lives, so hard to put into words, so we put them into pictures.

Allow one of the top Nashville wedding photographers provide you with the most stunning and unique images of your most special day.

Allow me the opportunity to work in this special moment of your life without stress and at the same time beautiful pictures to remember forever. 

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